Amazon books by Author David Stanley ​Helping Raise Money For Injured US and UK Marines injured in War, Reading its a great way to help!  
The above books by Author David Stanley (A former Royal Marine Commando and himself an IED victim) donate 10% of the three book sales income to charity aiding the Injured Marines returning home from War Zones such as Afghanistan, Supporting United States Marines and British Royal Marine Commandos.

Simply Publishing Bookstore helps the injured US Marines and the British Royal Marine's, you can help too! Simply add our website link to your site and help traffic find us and you will aid donations for the injured marines returning from Afghanistan. if you would like a reciprocation link back please email us at we will be happy to add your link please be aware it may take us up to 10 days to add your link.

IED’s in Afghanistan are at an all time high since the conflict stated. Improvised explosive devices tear off arms and legs of soldiers and Marines, including one who survived the traumatic amputation of both arms and both legs.
The latest stats are at almost 50,000 Americans and over 10,000 British wounded during 11 years of war in Afghanistan and Iraq of which high numbers are Marines ever thrown into the front line.

IED blasts have torn off over 2,000 limbs during the two wars, according to US and UK published records. Among the wounded are five who lost all four limbs.

Overall American and British casualties in Afghanistan have declined however senior military officers have stated on record that the downward trend of casualties has been interrupted this summer by a spike in blast-caused amputations and other casualties as the summer fighting is set to increase as the Marines tack tics take them on even more foot patrols than previously before aiming to draw the Taliban out by baiting themselves as targets.

This website has been designed and promoted by a former victim of an IED blast, all of the books are short stories that are for sale on Amazon bookstore.  He decided to promote the short book stories and give a donation of 10% to aid charities whom help the injured that have been returned home from Afghanistan.

​Interesting Facts:
​The term 'Commando' is of British origin. Developed in WWII. A special forces soldier that was employed to mainly operate behind enemy lines. This was the original role of a commando, however the British Royal Marines took on the role in 1942 and became Royal Marine Commandos.
The Royal Marine Commandos are mainly used as a rapid reaction force for the British Armed Forces. "For this high risk stealth operation, these commandos are deployed first."

​​The United States Marine Corps was born on November 10, 1775, US Congress commissioned Robert Mullan, the proprietor of Tun Tavern, located on Philadelphia's historic waterfront to raise the first two battalions of Marines, under the leadership of Samuel Nicholas, the first appointed Commandant of the Continental Marines.

​The United States Marine Corps can trace back its heritage to the British Royal Marines. Although the current ranks of the Royal Marines number quite small compared to today's US Marines (7,000 vs. 175,000), both Corps of Marines have stood side by side in conflicts around the globe and maintain their close ties. Both Corps of Marines frequently have liaison officers on exchange with each other. The USMC emblem was loosely modeled from the Royal Marines. Neither Corps' emblems incorporates a shield signifying defense, since Marines prefer to be on the offensive and attack the enemy.

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